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1.     System Requirements:

1.1.                Background:

Travel and Tourism is the greatest asset to preserve world’s inherent assets for future generations. It is one of the greatest industries in the world. The project idea of Melbourne Tourism has come to provide visitors with Melbourne’s iconic destinations, showing some great sights and more importantly some great experiences. Melbourne Tourism offers day tours in and around Melbourne where personalized service is provided.  The unique feature of Melbourne Tourism is post code searching of tourist places.

1.2.                 System requirements:

          Every organization wishes to provide quality results to its customers. The main aim of this project is to develop a friendly Melbourne This section of the project plan provides the system requirements of Melbourne Tourism Website:

  • Visitors can register or continue as guest to view the tours offers and packages.
  • Tourists are able to view sightseeing places using postcode of that suburb or area. This feature makes visitors to easily explore the desired places.
  • Visitors of the website can send an enquiry about package deals and offers.
  • Once the visitor books the tour package, confirmation details will be sent to visitor either by e-mail or phone.

2.     System Scope and System Overview

2.1.                System Scope

This section of the report describes the system scope of the events within and outside the system. This scoping system provides information flow between the system and external factors of the system. It acts as intermediary between tourists and website admin. Below are some of the features of system scope of Melbourne Tourism:

  • Any visitor of the website can view all the package deals and seasonal attractions.
  • System allows tourists to search places such as hotels and restaurants using area postal code. Tourists can explore places by distance, review and transport.
  • Enquiry details and confirmation of tour package are sent to the tourist by the system.
  • System allows visitors to confirm their tour package

System would allow secure payment gateway for tourists. Melbourne Tourism works as connection pool to connect visitors and admin of the website. The major clients for this project are from Central Queensland University. The website users can register themselves to have their travel details correctly planned.

2.2.                System Overview


Melbourne Tourism provides services to visitors about all the tour packages and upcoming attractions by area wise or search using postal code. On the other hand, Administrator will provide all the tour details to the visitor. Registered member and non-members can view the website information but registered users can have some additional discount deals on the tour packages. Once the visitor confirms their tour plan then administrator will take care of providing quality service to customers. The main aim of this website is to allow users to explore places using post code of desired area.

3.     Objectives and Constrains of the Project

3.1.                Objectives

This section of the project plan describes the objectives of this website (Melbourne Tourism). The main objective is to provide easier and precise browsing of all the sightseeing places of Melbourne using area wise post code. There are no time limits to view the website. New Melbourne tourists can look at all the nearby hotels, restaurants and transport facilities with quality assistance. This website acts a guide to all the tourists whenever required. This application will help tourists visiting new places where they can easily search their nearby hotels etc using post code of that area. In this way they can also explore new places they haven’t visited before. Below are the main objectives of the application:

  • To guide people to visit and enjoy new places
  • To provide information about nearby hotels, hospitals and transport facilities available. This feature is more helpful to tourists visiting new places.
  • To provide tour packages based on season such as summer, winter, autumn and spring attractions.
  • Nearby tourist places of entered postcode (with description)
  • To provide best packages to the visitors at a very low prices.


3.2.                Constraints

    This section of project plan discusses the major constraints of the project. They are:

  • This website can provide better results using post code of suburb.
  • This website provides services within Victoria only.


4.     Hardware and Software Requirements

4.1.                Hardware Requirements

    To develop and use Melbourne tourism application we need to have following hardware requirements

Hard Disk                                : 10 GB or more

RAM                                        : 2GB or more

Keyboard                                 : 108 Standards

Mouse                                      : Any mouse

Device                                     : Desktop, Laptop and Smart Phone

4.2.                Software Requirements

To develop and use the Melbourne tourism we need to have following software requirements

Front end                                 : HTML and CSS

Operating System                   : Windows XP or later

Software                                 : NetBeans, Java runtime platform

Database                                 : SQL

5.     Project Organization

          The project organization is a human infrastructure of the complete project. Project organization includes project organization chart, roles and the team member’s responsibilities. Organizational structure defines the roles and responsibilities of each position customized for a particular project. The project should be organized to increase the interaction among the team members to get the desired output with less disruptions and conflicts. Melbourne Tourism project is organized as follows:

  1. Project Manager :

Project manager is a member of the team who leads and manage the project team. Project plan and control id developed and maintained by the project manager. Final authorization of the project design specification is done by project manager. Project manager monitors the project progress and performance of the project team. Mrs. Swathi is the Project Manager of the project.

  1. Client :

Client involvement is as a visitor to a website to check the tour attractions and facilities by entering post code in Melbourne. Client is a person who can give feedback of the provided services. Mrs. Kamini is a Client of this application.

  1. Developer :

Developer is a member of a project team who develops the desired project according to the specification. Developer creates the website as user friendly.

  1. System Analyst / Designer:

        System analyst of the project will analyze the complete system by providing the required specifications and System Analyst will prepare the documentation. System Analyst will keep track of all the project developments which are done by developers.

6.     Work Breakdown Structure

7.     Schedule using Gantt Chart

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