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[Solved]Government Contract Law: Acquisitions

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[Solved]Government Contract Law: Acquisitions

Government Contract Law: Acquisitions

The class is a Government Contract Law class dealing with Acquisitions. I have 4 questions that I need to upload.
Government Contract Law: AcquisitionsNameInstructor`s NameCourse TitleDateGovernment Contract Law: AcquisitionsCompetition RequirementsTo enter into a contract with agencies of the Federal government, an agency must go through a series of complex processes from the initial stages of formation to the acquisition of products. There are many statutes that have been put in place by the government that make it difficult to by pass any of the procedures making it a risky ground to trod on by lawbreakers (Kathuria, 2009). The provisions spell out several procedures key among them, the methods for soliciting contracts and negotiation procedures. All government contractors work under government policy and cannot operate like commercial contractors who from time to time may adjust their conditions. The U.S. administration calls for key elements concerning social and economic aspects of life to be reflected in the contracts, for instance workplace that is free from drug use, affirmative action and the minimum wage that an employee in the agency is paid among others. One strong statute developed to govern the acquisition of goods and services is the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) of the U.S. (General services administration, 2005).This paper focuses on issues surrounding competition based on FAR and the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA).1. Explicate when competition is and is not required in federal contracting.Conditions relating to both Full and Open Competitions are found in the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) (Manuel, 2011). Under CICA, competition sets in once the various sources have been allowed to give sealed proposals or competitive proposals for the available tenders. All government contracts are competitive except in positions that the government has some interest in particular bidders.There are seven conditions under which the government may not require its contractors to abide by the regulations pertaining open and full competitions (General services administration, 2005). To begin with, there are instances when the products required by the government agency can only be obtained from a single source. In these phases, the contractors must verify that in reality there are no other sources in existence that can provide the goods and services that the government agency needs. Secondly, the government may be compelled by circumstances to acquire services or goods to address a particular issue that may result in harm to the government or the public in case of any delays (Manuel, 2011). For instance, during disasters when the government is required to react very fast to situations such as explosions; the government may hire rescue teams from an agency to back up its services.Competition is not required when the government intends to maintain a stable industrial base. Sources which are already established and that have had good relations with the government in their previous contracts are awarded contracts, possibly so as to sustain the...

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[Solved]Government Contract Law: Acquisitions [Solved]Government Contract Law: Acquisitions
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