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Good, Loving Relationships concept from the theorist Buscaglia

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Good, Loving Relationships concept from the theorist Buscaglia

Good, Loving Relationships concept from the theorist Buscaglia

The purpose of this research paper is to allow the student to explore in more depth one of the concept good, loving relationships from the theorist Buscaglia. It will require a minimum of four outside sources. The student must take a position about the concept chosen, advocating appropriate use of the concept for interpersonal communication. Format: the paper should be divided into three clear sections. The first section should be a brief summary of the sources. Here, the key and important ideas should be summarized from each of the sources used. The second section of the paper should be a synthesis of the ideas chosen from the sources. Here, the comparisons and contrasts may be made. Or one may form a more complete picture of the concept from the sources, showing how the sources show different parts of the concept. The final result of this section should be some understanding of the concept in various ways or within various communication contexts. The third section of the paper is where the student then advocates appropriate use of the concept in interpersonal communication. Key questions should be addressed. How does the concept affect people? How does the concept affect relationships? How can this concept be best utilized? Technical Requirements: the back page should have a completed bibliography of all sources used. Specific referencing within the paper itself should be done as follows: for APA use parenthesis with the author and year, e.g., (Albone, 2003) the paper should be 6 pages in length, double spaced, 12 size font, about one inch margins all around.
Reality Check: Romance and Romanticism behind a Good, Loving Relationship “And they live happily ever after,” is one of the most tragic sentence in literature. Joshua Liebman Introduction It started when we were kids, a damsel in distress and the prince charming to the rescue and the ending is always happy. Princesses are always beautiful, kind, gentle and will always be in the situation where they are needed to be saved while the knight in shining armor would always be handsome, charming, and rich, gentleman, brave, strong and so on. Whatever the twists and turns of the story it can be expected that this is the last thing we will remember, that in the end the perfect couple lives happily ever after. When we were kids we do not entirely know how to discriminate what`s real from what is not. Hence while we were starting to create a notion of ourselves, others and the world itself, we cannot help but to incorporate what the fairy tales told us about the world. This primarily influences the expectations we develop and gather towards mate selection, relationships and living with our significant other. We expect, consciously or unconsciously, a happily ever after in our own life story. Body We have been poisoned by fairy tales. -Anais Nin In his ideas on love and relationships, Leo Buscaglia was able to make us realize that there is a need to re-evaluate our conception of being in a relationship. He discussed important as...

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Good, Loving Relationships concept from the theorist Buscaglia Good, Loving Relationships concept from the theorist Buscaglia
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