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Global/Local Food System

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Global/Local Food System

Global/Local Food System

This paper begins with a question that you pose. The paper gives you a chance to explore further an issue raised in class or address an aspect of the food system that we did not cover. One strategy is to look at an aspect of the local food system. If you choose to do this you can use primary material such as an interview or site visits as a significant component of your research. The main requirement is that you choose a topic that you find compelling and that the paper you produce is scholarly and original. This means that you can use popular sources but you also MUST refer to some scholarly sources. Example of topics can be food safety, Genetically Modified Crops, or even tie in the issue of the exploitation of workers.
Running head: GLOBAL/LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMGenetically Modifies FoodName:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Genetically Modifies CropsAre Genetically Modified Crops a way of improving food production and achieving food security while overlooking the harm they cause? Genetically Modified (GM) crops have come under criticism with public interest group actively protesting against the use of genetically modified foods. Controversial studies about the effects of these foods. Through the use of the latest molecular technology, genetically modified crops are generated (Davies, 2007). The crops are modified in laboratories in order to achieve desired traits in them such as increased resistance to herbicides and improved nutritional content. Through the use of this approach, it is possible to generate crops that have the desired traits through gene isolation to remove genes that are not desired in the crop. With the recent effects of climatic change that have resulted in drastic change in weather patters, through the use of GM crops scientists have developed crops that are known to be drought resistant. This essay critically evaluates genetically modified foods in order to justify their production. The essay looks into the underlying benefits and compares them with GM challenges in order to justify on their use.The world population is increasing at an alarming rate and ensuring a steady supply of food will be a major challenge in the coming years. It is because of this approach that GM crops have been adopted in a move to increase food production. Low crop yields have been caused by crop pests. GM crops are pest resistant and farmers in developing countries who are the hardest hit by the food crisis could embrace this technology in order to increase food production. On the other hand, many consumers do not which to eat foods that have been chemically treated because of their toxicity and therefore GM crops provides a better alternative for both the farmers and the consumer through keeping pesticides use in check (Shiomi, 2005). Physical means of eliminating weeds such as tilling the land are labor intensive and since GM crops are herbicides tolerant, and hence not only protect the environment by reducing the amounts of herbicides used but also such crops only rely on small amounts of herbicides for their successful production.Another advantage of GM crops is that they are disease resistant and can resist even the most popular fungi, virus and bacteria and the aspect increases food production. The farm inputs in form of fungicides used to prevent and diagnose such diseases are highly reduced and this leads to an increased production rate (Thomas, 2004). There have been instances when frost has destroyed sensitive seedlings leading into food shortage and low yields. A major method used to control such incidences ...

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Global/Local Food System Global/Local Food System
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