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Global Professional Development

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Global Professional Development

Global Professional Development

Global Professional Development


Questions about the assignment that you might have:


What exactly is meant by a portfolio?

  • Essentially you should consider the portfolio as a type of report that is divided into specified sections as indicated in the Assignment Brief (IMC Report structure p2).


Does it matter if I don’t follow the four sections exactly?

  • The sections provide a guide for the structure of your report and we advise that you follow this. If you intend to use a different structure you should justify why you have done this within your introduction. In addition you should ensure you are still able to address all of the relevant areas in terms of expected content and learning outcomes


Can I put in my own subheadings?

  • Yes


What if I go over or under the word limit?

  • If you go under the word limit you may penalise yourself as you may not have included sufficient content or detail within your portfolio/report.
  • If you go over the word limit the marker will stop marking after 3500 words. You should put your declared word count on the front page of your portfolio as per Further Assignment Guidance (Appendix 3 p5). In addition review the information in the Assignment Brief (p3) on the required format and layout for your document.


Are the word limits to each section (e.g. 1000-1100 words) compulsory?

  • No; these are advisory


Should I choose more than one employer/organisation?

  • No; choose only one employer/organisation


Should I address more than one problem in my answer if the employer mentions more than one problem?

  • You can decide but you should consider depth over superficiality. In other words it would be advisable to only consider addressing one question or issue as you might struggle to address both issues in sufficient depth within the specified word count


Can I write in the first person? i.e. I, my etc.

  • Yes but you need to think about where this is most appropriate; sections 1-3 would be written in an academic style using 3rd person or passive voice. There may be occasional elements of reflection in these sections. In the reflection (section 4) we would expect you to use first person as this is your reflection on your learning and how it might impact on your area of study and future career aspirations.


Can I name the organisation in my assignment?

  • Yes; it is important that you link your report to the situation of the identified employer/organisation


What if I have problems submitting my work by the deadline?

  • For difficulties in submission of the assignment at the expected deadline please refer to the Assignment Brief and review any relevant information provided in the Student Portal.


Are there any old assignments that can be made available to students?


  • No.  This is not standard practice at Coventry University.

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Global Professional Development Global Professional Development
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