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Global Political Media Influenced Culture

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Global Political Media Influenced Culture

Global Political Media Influenced Culture

i want from the writer to concentrate on the poltitcal prespective , focusing on culture and politics.
GLOBAL POLITICAL MEDIA INFLUENCED CULTUREName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(29 January 2011) Global Political Media Influenced CultureIntroduction Politics is defined as a process by which people or group of people make coactive decisions and is often observed in other group interactions like in corporate, religious and academic institutions. Politics consists of social relationships that involve authority or power and usually refers to the process of regulating public affairs within the political unit as well as the methods and tactics that are used to formulate as well as apply the policy (Flew, & Humphrey, 2005). Culture is an intergraded pattern of human knowledge, beliefs, and behavior this dependent upon the capacity for learning as well as transmitting knowledge to the succeeding generations (Lull, 2000; Thomas, 1992). it also consist of the customary beliefs, social forms and the material aspects of religious, racial or social group which form the characteristics feature of dally way life (Safire, 2008).According to Imre & Musgrave, (1993) politics and culture have interacted in complex ways resulting to a profound effect on the contemporary world. these effect shave been intensified by the advent of globalization leading to increased interconnectedness due to rapid flow of capital, images, goods and ideologies across the national boundaries (Aun, 2008).Media InfluenceMedia influence or the media effects are often used in media studies, communication theory, sociology and psychology to refer to theories that explain the ways in which mass media affect the behavior of its audiences for instance the way they behave and think (Lull, 2000; Mash & Van Belle 2009). Some critics have suggested that media serve to weaken or delimit the capacity of an individual to act autonomously and this is attributed to eh role that it plays in connecting the world to individuals as well as reproducing the self image of the societies they come from (Harold, 1992; Larry, 1993).A complex interaction exists between media and the society. One of the ways in which media interact with the society is trough generation of information in a network then publishing it using videos, articles and photos which are the utilized by the consumers (Lull, 2000). Using such information in turn influences individual`s way of interpreting the provided information thus potentially influencing their unrelated cultural beliefs as described in by the propaganda model. According to Locke, (2001; Merriam, 1992) the content created by the media therefore plays a critical role in influencing the culture of the society because its content often created for newsworthy events as well as the stories that are not told have consequences on the consumers thus supposedly influencing their cultures (James, 1993; Karl, 2003). Mass media strongly impacts on the social and the culture of the society and this is predicated upon its ability to a wider range of audience with a strong influencing message. Th...

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Global Political Media Influenced Culture Global Political Media Influenced Culture
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