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[Solved] Global perspectives on Risk

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[Solved] Global perspectives on Risk

Global perspectives on Risk

Critically analyse the risk and risk management implications of one aspect of international business that would not normally arise to any great extent for businesses which only operate in their home country. ---------------------------------------------------------------- I suggest national culture. --------------------------------------------------------------- 1-work must be 1.5 line-spaced. 2-evidence of proper organization of the work is expected. this may be displayed by concentrating on logical structure. for example introduction, sub-heading and conclusion are essential if you use a report format. 3-must show evidence of wide research. all sources and reference should be properly presented using Harvard referencing and citations system. ** i am studing Master in Risk Management, the English is not my first language, please consider that in the coursework.(2:1 standard) -please avoid plagiarism
Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:Global perspectives on riskIntroduction Globalisation has played a very important role in the aspect of promoting international business among different countries. Globalisation which refers to integration of different economies through communication, technology and transportation is the pillar for economic, regional, and social growth between the participating countries in international business. Technology is one of the major contributing factors to globalization which influences international trade. The countries participating in international business are influenced by the desire to actively engage in matters of regional growth with a view of exchanging goods and services. In this context there are a number of risk implications associated with international business for international countries and domestic countries. Major considerations include political, cultural, environmental, social, technological, and economic risk factors. With this brief overview, it is important to consider the relevance of the research paper in matters of international business. A major concern is in the aspect of business and marketing which is related to international trade. Of important concern is an analysis of risk and risk management implications of one aspect of international business which has no influence for business operating domestically (Theil, 2003, p.3). It is worth noting that participation in regional business is influenced by numerous factors as compared to business operations within home country. To bring out a clear analysis it is important to understand the meaning of international business and certain risk factors associated with the certain type of business. International business refers to a number of terms which are commonly used in marketing a business related transactions. Relevant terms in this scope of business activity include transnational, global market place, multi domestic, multinational, and perhaps globalisation. This relates to the capacity of different countries who exchange goods and services through various means of trading. Transnational business involves participation of different markets from different localities with a view of satisfying different customer preferences and availability of goods and services according to forces of supply and demand regionally. It is one of the most recent developments which have been enhanced by technological advancement among other key factors. The success of international business depends on more business attributes compared to management of a domestic enterprise. This is true because dealing with international business does not only involve understanding of traditional business functions but also this involves working from global perspective (Kogut, 1998, p.1). Major concerns related to global perspectives include culture, politics, distance, monetary variables, and time. These are important aspects which should be considered by management at internatio...

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[Solved] Global perspectives on Risk [Solved] Global perspectives on Risk
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