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1. I need help with my comprehensive exam. I am uploading the rubric to you. 2. Please do questions number 4,5,6. Also I am shooting for the first column in the rubric for maximum points. Please address all bullets in the first column questions 3,4,5. 3. The topic is Geriatric Frailty Syndrome. 4. For question #4 Review of Literature, the instructor would like mentioned which data bases were used and Search terms. 5. The review of literature quest #4 will be based on the model I choose for question #5. Please use the Biopsycosocial model. In the Literature review and the findings NEED to be organized by the BPS model. In the BPS model I have chosen for the Biological part of frailty (Osteoporosis) the Psycological part (Depression) Social part (social isolation) and for the health part of the model (frailty) So one paragraph in the ROL will be findings of osteoporosis and frailty, another paragraph will be on depression and frailty, then socialization and frailty, and finally frailty itself for the health part of the BPS model as far as findings. The last part of question #4 a summary statement and SYNTHESIZE major research findings. Please make sure Review of Literature has meta synthesis, meta analysis, and primary studies. Please use most current research. For Question # 5, describe the biopsycosocial model. Who developed it? Also in quest #5 (3rd bullet) how does the found biopsycosocial model fit with frailty) and the last bullet in question #5 "how does each part of the model fit with frailty. Question #6 The mid-range theory I choose is "The Conservation Model" by Myra Estrin Levine. A. Wholesome B Adaptation C. Environment Please answer and describe all bullets in question 5 using this mid-range theory and how each on can relate to Frailty. I asked for at least 10 references but you may need more. Please use strict APA 6TH ED only. Please email me if there are any question or If I confused you. Thanks you so much for help on this subject.
GERIATRIC FRAILTY SYNDROME: LITERATURE REVIEW Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: Introduction This is a literature review that examines the relation of frailty to Osteoporosis, depression and social isolation in frailty patients. In this review, qualitative approach was used in finding common literature in a partial sampling of the related literature that dealt with research objectives. Literatures on Osteoporosis, depression and social isolation in relation to frailty condition, frailty were systematically reviewed. In addition, the relevant model and theory in this study was also examined. Most of the literature used in this study was accessed from peer-reviewed journals such as Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, Business Source Premier and Medline. These were identified from 2004 to 2013 and the reference list was pearled. The researcher extracted descriptive information on study populations, frailty research criteria, and outcomes from the selected papers, and quality rankings were assigned. Of the 1500 articles retrieved from the searches and 10 articles retrieved from the pearling, 10 of them met study inclusion criteria. In the 10 articles, the link between Osteoporosis, depression and social isolation to frailty were used to find out how the components are related with each other. The prevalence of frailty ranged from 5% to 58%. Once the articles were accessed, they were stratified with regard to the study variables. Afterwards, analysis of the main themes was conducted by employing counts of specific key terms. The results indicate a positive linkage between Osteoporosis, depression and social isolation to frailty. Conceptual Framework The conceptual framework of this study is outlined in figure 1.1 Figure 1.1 Conceptual Framework indicating the relation of frailty to depression, social isolation, and osteoporosis  As indicated in the figure, geriatric frailty is related with among other factors, depression, social isolation and osteoporosis. In other words, geriatric syndrome is the cause of social isolation, osteoporosis syndrome, and depression among the elderly. Studies such as those conducted by Taenzer and Melzack, (2008) found a positive relation between depression and frailty. People with this condition are likely to have poor attitudes concerning their own health. Depression could lead to low mobility and a persistent feeling of fatigue. In addition, it slows down the thinking process of these individuals. It is also the main cause of other illnesses such as myocardial infarction, anorexia and weight loss among the elderly. Osteoporosis is a disorder among the elderly that is caused by the frailty condition. This condition is related to the fragility of the structures that subsequently reduces daily activities of the patients as well as increasing the fracture risks. Consequently, the patient`s quality of life is subsequently hampered. As Srivastava et al (2002) observes, osteoporosis is a common...

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