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[Solved] Genomics in cardiovascular

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[Solved] Genomics in cardiovascular

This paper involves Genomics in cardiovascular, you are required to answer what did a few ectopic beat meant on the ECG, what would exercise 5 times a week menat and what would ECG look like of an athlete.

Where was he seen, what advises was given upon discharge.
What did a few ectopic beat meant on the ECG.
Exercise 5 times a week ? What would that have meant . Would his ECG look like that of an athlete.
There was something in the report that was missing . The lecturer wants us to find what it is. Interms of management what do I do ,now that the boy is dead. Retrospect what I could have done, how do I manage the family.

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[Solved] Genomics in cardiovascular [Solved] Genomics in cardiovascular
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