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Your task in this assignment is to write a Python program that generates a small web site for a local sports club. It will read some input data from a text file (e.g., a spreadsheet in comma-separated- values, or CSV, format) and automatically generate several web pages with links going between the pages. The idea is that as the season progresses, and more games are played, your program will be run on the updated input data each week or each month to automatically generate an updated web site that shows the latest results.


Each web page should show a different aspect of the club activities. For example, you might have one web page for each team in the club, with that page displaying all the games that that team has played, with the scores shown for each game (and

possibly the schedule of future games to be played). Or you might have a different page for each grade

or age level, showing all the teams and results for that grade.


There must be one top-level page, called index.html, that is the entry point for the web site.  This must describe the whole club, and should have links to all the other pages.



Input Data


You first task is to choose a sport or club, and get some suitable input data.. If you play a sport yourself, see if you can get some data files for your sport. Or talk to friends and relatives and see if they are involved in any clubs or sports that would like to have a prototype web site generated for them.


If you cannot find, beg, or borrow any real data for a sports club, there are that list teams and results for many different local sports.  Some of them have results for previous years, as well as partial results for this year.  So choose a sport you are passionate about, and copy some grades, team names, and even scores from those pages and put them into a CSV file.  Keep it simple!  If you cannot find a local sports club, you can use your favourite national club.




ICT112 WEEK 9 LAB    1


Learning Objectives


In this assignment you will learn how to:


  1. use top-down design to divide a larger data processing task into parts;
  2. use Python to read and write text files;
  3. use functions to raise the abstraction level of your program;
  4. use string and list methods to generate HTML.

Marking Criteria


It will be marked out of 30.  Marks will be allocated as follows:

  • Design Report [7 marks]. This should be a short (1-2 pages) report giving a brief introduction to the club/sport and the application; describing the format of the input data file(s); giving a summary of the format of the output web site including one of two screenshots / images; brief user documentation of how to run your program.
  • Web Design and Functionality [7 marks]. To achieve maximum marks, the generated web site should contain several (5-10) web pages, with an entry page (index.html) that links to all the other pages,

and the other pages linking back to the entry page; the layout and organisation of the pages should be elegant and readable, with appropriate choices of colours; good use of HTML tables for layout; the generated pages should conform to HTML standards; a simple CSS file should be used to specify the look of the web pages (this does not

have to be generated by your program); some use of images; and several pages should display summary statistics that have been

calculated from the input data (e.g. the number of games that each

team won and lost, or the average score, or average and best times).

  • Python Documentation and Coding Standards [8 marks]. To achieve maximum marks, each function should include appropriate function docs; your program should start with a detailed documentation comment that describes the purpose and usage of the program; correct naming conventions should be followed for variable and function

names; and the Python code should conform to standard layout and formatting conventions.

  • Program Structure and Algorithms [8 marks]. To achieve maximum marks, your program should be elegantly designed; concise; structured to use functions for each major functionality of the program; use appropriate data structures (e.g. strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, or objects) to store the data; make good use of Python libraries and methods (e.g. for strings and lists); and be reasonably efficient during execution (e.g. reading the input files just once, rather than many times). The key criterion is the use of functions to raise the abstraction level of the code, and make your program more concise and readable.


Note: the generated web pages should NOT contain any Javascript, as the goal of this assignment is to generate simple static web pages using Python.

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