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this is a culinary arts paper about gelatin the essay should be able to answer the items below: Composition and properties, Production and Pretreatments, Extraction, Recovery, Uses, Technical uses, Other uses, Religion and gelatin substitutes, Medical and nutritional properties, Safety concerns
GelatinStudent NameSchool NameGelatinGelatin` is a pure natural protein substance obtained from collagen, a natural protein present in tendons, ligaments and the connective tissues of mammals. It is produced by action of boiling the connective tissues, bones, and skins of animals, usually cows and pigs.Gelatin is composed of collagen, which is a protein rich in the amino acids, proline, and hydroxyproline .The percentage composition of gelatin is as follows, 84 to 90% is protein, 1 to 2% is mineral salts and the rest is water (Bowen, 2002). Gelatin does not contain any preservatives or additives. It is free from fats, cholesterol or and purines.The process of manufacturing gelatin involves removing foreign substance, boiling the material, usually the connective tissues of pigs, cattle or f...

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