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Youth and Society


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Youth and Society

Youth and Society


1.This is a Sociology Journal topic"Youth and Society" 2. Times new roman, 12font size, conventional margin,single space and especially grammatically correct(my Professor is picky with grammar being perfect). 3. Make this Journal serve as an information awareness to the public to allow them to comprehend the links between the role of the society to the youth to shape them. 4. Discussed and give plenty of example how society role play to our youth. Like what they become,who they become, how their behavioural changes depend on what society they living.(describe the good effect and the bad effect of society to the youth).

Youth and SocietyNameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateIt was reported that a quarter of the world’s population consists of the youth and it is projected that there will be seventy two million more youth in 2015 (Nugent, 2006). The youth in today’s society have very different experiences when compared to those existing two generations ago. The difference in their experiences is shaped by new trends in technology, globalization and economic changes. The youth today spend a large portion of their youthful years preparing for self-dependence as compared to the ones of two decades ago, and they live in more economically turbulent times (Nugent, 2006). This paper outlines the different ways in which the society has influenced youth behavior as result of technological advancements, economic development and globalization which renders significant sociocultural implications for youth in the society. Some of the societal changes in the contemporary world have a significant effect on the youth. Changes in societal conditions in families, schools, residential areas and training institutions play a significant role in influencing youth behavior. There is an increased tolerance for an individualistic attitude that has been draining the collective elements of society. These changes have also been felt in predominantly collective societies in various parts of Africa (Blossfeld, Klijzing, Mills, & Kurz, 2010). One of the effects of these changes on the youth is increased tolerance for family disintegration. For instance, there is a trend in broken homes following divorce, rising number of single parent families, increased poverty owing to high unemployment rates among other issues that beleaguer the youth. Some of the effects of these negative social trends include the rising number of adolescents and youth in welfare systems, and juvenile justice systems.Another trend in society that has influenced youth behavior is the can do mentality. The contemporary soci...

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