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Writing Assignment Paper: Daily Lesson Plan Format


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Writing Assignment Paper: Daily Lesson Plan Format

Writing Assignment Paper: Daily Lesson Plan Format


double space , 12 folic, use ten different book in first grade level to do ten lesson plan . write down the material needed and the domain it cover. for first grade classroom at Ann Beers Elementary School . use the play skill scale rating #4. #7. #8, #14, #17 for objective on the #1, #2, #6, #9 and #10.
I need 10 lesson plan for five year old boy use a short story book to help with the 10 objective


Daily Lesson Plan Format Standard (Common Core/ Early Learning): Comparing and contrasting Title: Reading_______________________ Week of: __1__________________ Submitted by: ________________ Objective/Skills to be covered: By the end of the lesson the learner should be able to; a. Understand that to compare is to recognize how similar things are and to contrast is to realize how different they are. b.make distinctions between characters in a fable from the story details. c.Understand that keywords are sometimes used to compare and contrast by authors. Literary Work/Story: The Donkey and The Dog. Short story Author: (Aesop Joan). Year:(1987) City, State: India Warm-up (Fingerplay/Song): Procedure (Step-by-Step): (Guided Instruction) 1)Ask a student to describe a donkey and how different it is from a dog. 2)Give the definition of the two terms,compare and contrast to the students as doing this helps the learner understand the characters of the story better. 3)Teacher distributes the fable and instructs the students to read,comparing and contrasting the donkey and the dog as they fill out the compare and contrast diagram. 4)A discussion on the important ways in which the two animals are different and alike and how comparing and contrasting enhanced the understanding of the fable. Key Questions: (Bloom`s Taxonomy) 1)Differentiating 2)Defining 3)Reading 4)Comparing and Contrasting Assessment Question: Teacher asks the students to list ke...

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