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Here, you are required to write an annotated bibliography for your capstone topic. 


WHAT TO DO: Tasks 1 and 2 below

TASK 1 Annotated Bibliography 20%

  1. Write an Annotated Bibliography for your Capstone Topic with a collection of 12 articles following a set structure. The Annotated Bibliography is a critical examination of the most relevant, recent and scholarly research on the topic area that is not just a summary of the articles you have read on done in Topics 1 to 5.
  2. Use the latest online search tools (CSU PRIMO, Google Scholar, Online databases) and efficient bibliographic organisers - CSU supports the use of EndNote. (available on iPad). EndNote is a  bibliographic citation program, allowing references and footnotes to be translated into a variety of standard formats.
  3. As a CSU student you can download and install EndNote X7 for Windows or Mac OS platforms from
  4. For Group Work OPTION teams only: Assessment Item 3 Annotated Bibliography is done INDIVIDUALLY by ALL students.
  5. Ensure that the Annotated Bibliography submitted by you is your own work and has not been submitted elsewhere and comply with the University`s requirements for academic integrity.
  6. You can get help in Building and Writing an Annotated Bibliography from Topic 3 Tutorial Topic in the ITC571 Interact2 site sidebar menu and other study advices and tips from:


    1. Study Resources (PDF files to download):
    2. APA style Referencing from 
    3. The CSU Library website for LibGuides in Information Technology, Computing and Mathematics at
    4. EndNote Bibliographic software and tutorials LibGuide at


  1. Review the emerging technology (use internet for journals, conference papers, magazines, news articles, online databases, eBooks) and submit a 12-article Annotated Bibliography on your topic.
  2. A good place to start a collection of articles in your annotated bibliography is via the PRIMO search tool located on the CSU Library website at

As an example, the Capstone Topic PRIMO search on a topic like "near field communication applications" returned the following list of very recent journals, books, conference proceedings and eBooks related to the Topic:

The following questions may be useful while reviewing the topic:

  1. What is the new technology?
  2. What does it do and what are the special features it has?
  3. When is it coming out in the market and how much will it cost?
  4. What industry will the new technology affect? (Medical, agricultural, computer, business, etc….).
  5. In your opinion, will the new technology be beneficial to society? Why or why not.
  6. What did you learn from a critical analysis of your sources of information on this new technology?

TASK 2 Originality Report and Questions 5%

  1. Generate an originality report and submit this report via Turnitin.
  2. CSU recommends Turnitin at turnitin.com for checking originality of content is assessment tasks as described in the Subject Outline and in the Assessment Task where it is required.
  3. For this subject if you or your organisation use another similar tool then that is fine to use, but let me approve it first.
  4. One approved alternative to Turnitin is the SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker at This is used by several institutions, academics and research students as an alternative to Turnitin.com.
  5. Answer the following questions to interpret the originality report. The questions can be found through the following link:
  6. Submit your question answers via Turnitin.

Turnitin is more than a ‘gotcha’ device – it is an effective learning tool:

Because the sophisticated use of sources involves a complex set of research, critical thinking, and writing skills, you should expect to take several years to master them. Turnitin can be a helpful tool in this developmental process. You should use your originality reports as feedback on a first draft so that you can improve your use of sources before submitting the final draft for marking.

Interpreting the Turnitin Originality Report:

After you submit your draft to Turnitin for self-checking, you should look carefully at the originality report so that you can improve on your use of sources. Your essay will be on the left side of the screen, and the matching colour-coded sources will be listed on the right. Then you can make the necessary changes to your essay before you submit the final draft for marking.

You need to register with Turnitin to create a Student Account under the CSU Turnitin Licence at 
Further information on how to use Turnitin can be found through the following link:


The rationale of this assessment is to test your ability to review, evaluate, critique and support others opinions as well as existing literature, using a scholarly writing style. You will also demonstrate your ability to carry out independently research and locate information from various sources such as journals, conference proceedings, online databases, eBooks and industry magazines.

The Learning Outcomes being assessed in this second task include your ability to perform literature searches and critically analyse the literature in the chosen topic and then to critically reflect on and synthesize complex information, problems, concepts and theories in the chosen topic. As the Annotated Bibliography develops, so will also be demonstrating your advanced communication and academic writing skills in transmitting your capstone experiences and ideas to others.

What does a well constructed annotated bibliography contain?

That is a research topic on its own, however I recommend the list of SIX structural elements below

  1. Interpretation and evaluation of an overview of recent trends in emerging technologies and innovation;
  2. Evidence of literature searches and critical analysis of the literature in the chosen capstone topic;
  3. Critical reflection and synthesis of complex information, problems, concepts and theories in the chosen topic;
  4. Original opinion on the benefits of your capstone project to others;
  5. Reflective comments on what was learnt from a review of the literature;
  6. Use of correct citations and referencing conforming to recognised referencing format.

The Checklist for the Annotations elements can be used as a quality check as you write:

Content Elements

  • Coverage of topic
  • Depth of discussion
  • Development of argument and reasoning
  • Selection of literature

Writing Style Elements

  • Structure of review
  • Technical competence
  • Use of citations and quotations
  • Referencing

Task 2 is designed for you to learn the functions of the Turnitin software.

Marking criteria

Information and Research Tools and Techniques: Annotated Bibliography 20%

Contains 12 articles on the chosen topic, recognition of research methods used in the articles and synthesis of data, findings and ideas)

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