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Write a summary of the article


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Write a summary of the article

Media Violence

1. Write a summary of the article "Personality, parental, and media influences on aggressive personality and violent crime in young adults". The summary is about 3/4 page 12 point font double spaced (175+ words). 2. Write a response to the main idea or to a specific idea in the text. Do you agree with the author`s viewpoint? Why or why not? Use examples from your experience, providing details to support your statements. The response is about 1 page double spaced (250+ words). Note: I will be using this assignment later for a research essay, therefore the response must agree with my thesis. Here is the thesis: Despite the popular paradigm that violence in movies and television trigger violent behaviors in children and adolescent, media violence appears to be unrelated to that matter and rather play a different role in the society. I have included in the attachments 2 previous work I did on that topic, so you have a better idea of my opinion.
Media violence Name Course Lecturer Date Media violence There has been a general concern on how media violence can contribute towards people`s behavior. Such assertions are better understood if they can be backed up with evidence through research. Research is known to shed light between the myths and facts. In the study carried out by Christopher (2008), in the journal of aggression, it was evident that media violence and games have got little correlation in influencing people towards committing crimes. This research finding however, demystifies allegations which most people have believed for a long time that watching media violence related content and playing violent video games can contribute towards an individual coping or acquiring some of the traits he/she observes in the media. The study was about Personality, Parental, and Media Influences on Aggressive Personality and Violent Crime...

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