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Write a report (around 1200 words) on Digital Signatures


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Write a report (around 1200 words) on Digital Signatures

Assignment 1



Investigation and Practical Activity:


Write a report (around 1200 words) on Digital Signatures.


The report should cover:

A clear, detailed and technical explanation of digital signatures, and their implementation and distribution in relation to Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). You are required to focus on a specific type of certificate for a specific application; securing Web communications. You will need to define digital signatures, examine and analyse the design of a secure PKI using a particular service (e.g. Microsoft Certificate Services) and provide a detailed account of some certificate management function. As part of this work you must consider the various services and components that make up the PKI, as well as future work and innovations/developments in this area. For the practical you will need to provide evidence (i.e. instructions and screenshots) on how to view and configure certificates in a PKI-enabled application.




Referencing is very important in that you are acknowledging and attributing the work of others.  If you do not properly reference you work then you run the risk of plagiarism – i.e. taking credit for the work or ideas of others by presenting them as your own. It is easy to detect plagiarism!  Therefore, you will need to attribute the work or ideas of others by citing the source in the body of your report.  There are many referencing formats that you can use, such as for example, the Harvard APA.

As a simple example, using Harvard APA for a book reference, in the body of the report you cite as follows:


Symmetric encryption is also commonly known as conventional encryption or single-key encryption (Stallings, 2006).


And in your bibliography section you list your reference as follows:


Stallings, J. (2006). Cryptography and Network Security (4th ed.): Principles and Practice. USA: Prentice Hall.


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