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World War II and Vietnam War Analyze


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World War II and Vietnam War Analyze

World War II and Vietnam War Analyze


Compare a film about World War II with one about the Vietnam War and analyze the extent to which they are realistic, especially in view of the increased bloodshed and violence depicted on the screen in recent movies. For example, you can explain the effects of increased technology in weaponry or in the use of chemical substances such as Agent Orange. OR, you could use the functionalist perspective to explain the functions and dysfunctions of war at the two time periods chosen. You could also consider in what ways war would be functional or dysfunctional if nuclear weapons were ever employed.


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Analysis of World War II and Vietnam War Since the World War II, films showing action, drama and violent shedding of blood have considerably grown. Films such as Wake Island (1942) meant to convey events of the war to viewers in America and other parts of the western countries. Similarly, recreations of the V


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