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Wireless Diabetes Monitor


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Wireless Diabetes Monitor

Wireless Diabetes Monitor

not more then 500 word please read good through the task; and write about it carefully. sources have be available in Australia pleas the sources for information; but write about the topic from your ideas Outline of problem to be addressed Design Options (what were the possible options) Skills and knowledge you presently have (what past experience or course knowledge will you bring to the team) Skills and knowledge that you may require This project is to investigate the design of systems for provision of broadband access to business and residential users via WiMAX or related technology. Included should be a full comparison with cost and disruption associated with fibre-provisioned broadband access.
WIRELESS DIABETES MONITOR Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:UniversityCity, State August 03, 2012 Wireless Diabetes Monitor Outline of the ProblemWireless Diabetes Monitors are used in marking the progress of diabetes. It is a computerized mechanism which assist doctor`s to monitor and help patients ailing from diabetes to recover (Baura, 2011). The blood sugar strips have an accuracy + or 20%. The strips are dirty and appalling concealing the secrets in people living with diabetes. Diabetic patients want a fast wireless response in diabetes management that is why wireless diabetes monitor was invented. Diabetic patients are discouraged by the many devices used at the same time as observed in the GlucoPilot. The author gives an example of walking with eight Personal Digital Assistants (PDA`s) and an insulin pump. Although technology has introduced Bluetooth, PalmPilot monitor, GlucoPilot and the smart-pump the results are still not impressive. Diabetic patients are frustrated with the lack of data backing standards, poor standard interchange formats, central cloud is lacking and that the vendors are locked from both sides. Diabetes patients acknowledge the efforts done by the Glooco products. The manufacturers of the blood sugar meter...

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