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Why Organizations Change


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Why Organizations Change

Why Organizations Change

I need research done around why organizations make changes in their culture, way of doing business, etc. Examples of good and bad experiences would be helpful to highlight. Here is the breakdown on how the paper will be graded: Category Points Description Executive Summary 15 High-level summary of the key issues in the paper. Assessment/Diagnosis 25 What was done prior to the planning for change? Analysis of the Change Strategy 50 What was the change strategy? Results/Outcomes 45 Compare the actual outcome with the expected outcome. Evaluation of the Effort 45 Use course concepts to evaluate the results. References 10 Library and other sources.
Running Head: Why organizations make changes in their culture, way of doing business.NameUniversityCourseLectureDateOrganization culture can be defined as the characteristics that form an organization. This may include the type of leadership adapted, the operation models, and means of production, policies, rules, procedures, performances and results within an organization. Therefore, we can refer to organizations culture as a collection of attitudes, experiences, values and beliefs of the organization. This definition has been directed specifically to values and norms that exist between people or groups in an organization and controls their interactions among themselves and other stakeholders outside the organization. It looks at the standard values and guidelines that an organization adapts in order to archive its goals.This research paper looks at the reasons that would make an organization change its culture or the way it dose its business. There are many reasons that would make a business want to change the way it dose its business or rather its organizations culture. There are two types of forces that drive this change. These are; internally driven forces and externally driven forces. Internally driven forces or considered to be those situations, things or events that usually happen within the business, and normally their control lies within the organization. Some of the examples include; how the machinery and equipments are organized within the organization, companies level of technology, managements systems etc. Externally driven forces include; situations, things or events that are or occur outside the organization and their control are beyond the organization. Economic trends, competition, demographics and the industry as a whole are some of the external driving forces that may influence an organization to make changes in its culture (Mintzberg, 1988).Point worth noting is that, whenever there is a desire for change, change is inevitable. This is because if an organization does not, it will be rendered irrelevant and may be, it could be forced out of business. Its important for an organization to ensure that, changes are done in the most appropriate way putting in to consideration all the important factors.eg the goal of the organization, expected results, costs etc.External forces are said to have the greatest effect to any organization. Therefore it`s always important for the business to be aware of the changes that are occurring to its effects. This is important because it helps them in identifying the changes as they occur and enables them to come up with appropriate response. Its is also important for a business to be aware of the changes occurring and those that could or might occur in future for it to remain successful and always maintain a competitive edge against other business.ie an organization must have a strong element of forecasting or predicting future occurrences. For a business to be able to forecast it must have a wel...

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