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Why is a Roast Pig so Important in Chinese Celebrations


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Why is a Roast Pig so Important in Chinese Celebrations

Why is a Roast Pig so Important in Chinese Celebrations

Instruction is attched with powerpoint Writer choose the topic topic have to relate to Chinese and animal. For example "Is there a pet culture in China?" There is another paper related to this paper same writer should write both of them please read the instruction attached order number for another paper is 00016931 The topic can be recent but historical background is needed if it is available.
Why is a Roast Pig so Important in Chinese Celebrations?In Cantonese Cuisine, the roast pig or Siu Yuk, is a really important part of any special Chinese celebration. It is actually a must to have a roasted pig on the table whenever there are weddings, important business meetings, special occasions and ritual religious offerings. It is created by roasting a whole pig in very hot charcoals until the skin turns into a crisp golden brown and the meat is soft and succulent. A special sauce is added for an excellent treat for the palate. Legend has it that roast pigs are offering to the gods not only to celebrate an event in thanksgiving to the gods but also to ward of bad luck and bring in good fortune and prosperity CITATION Jac82 l 1033 (Goody, 1982)One could only imagine how callous for one person to have a good fortune without thanking the gods with an offering of roast pig. In ancient china, the pig is a stable source of income because it is easy to raise and easy to multiply. To have many pigs means to add not only security to your family but prosperity to the whole community. A roast pig is a way of sharing one`s blessings to the community. The more roast pigs there are, the more one is considered blessed and the more one is regarded highly within the community. If one will impress the whole neighborhood by butchering many pigs for roasting, then it would translate to high respect and high stature ...

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