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Why I deserve a pay raise and promotionName


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Why I deserve a pay raise and promotionName

Persuasive/Interview Speech

Objective: To persuade your audience (your supervisors) on why you deserve a pay raise or a promotion. Only ONE employee per department will receive the raise or promotion. Students may now use either his or her position within SCC OR his or her actual career as the basis of this speech. If you choose to use your actual career as the basis of the speech, you will need supply your audience with some background information regarding your current employer/position. Bonus Points: Your classmates will vote and decide which speaker presented the most persuasive presentation. The speaker chosen in each department as the most persuasive will receive 5 additional points on his/her persuasive speech grade. Performance criteria: To better prepare your arguments for the assignment; choose some of the following performance criteria as your improvement areas assigned by your supervisor at your annual performance meeting (see article below for further information.) The list may also give you suggestions to which areas you will present as your strengths:
Why I deserve a pay raise and promotionName:Institution:I am aware that in this competition only ONE employee per department will receive the raise and/or promotion. I would therefore like to justify why I am that employee from my department. This is related to my experience, creativity, dedication, and added skills.As a marketing manager, my mode of service provision has always made get ahead and always stayed ahead. One of the most important of these strategies for me is continually asking for more and...

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