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why do 16-year-olds stay in or drop out of school


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why do 16-year-olds stay in or drop out of school

M1D2 Assignment Paper: Four Basic Theoretical Orientations


Using Table 1.1 (Appelrouth and Edles, page 17) as a reference, devise your own question and then give hypothetical answers that reflect the four basic theoretical orientations: individual/rational, individual/non rational, collective/rational, and collective/nonrational. For instance, why do 16-year-olds stay in or drop out of school? Why might a man or woman stay in a situation of domestic violence? What are possible explanations for gender inequality? Why are you reading this book?
PowerPoint slides for Chapter 1 [PPT File Size 1524KB]
Sociology 101: Weber, Durkheim, Marx and Mills [Video File 7 mins 05 secs]
Recommended Video 
A map of social theories, 1000-2000 by Alan Macfarlane [Video File 42 mins 56 secs]


M1D2: Four Basic Theoretical Orientations Name: Institution: Date: M1D2: Four Basic Theoretical Orientations Question What are the possible explanations for racial discrimination in the work place by bosses? Discussion In analyzing the question of race in respect of this paper, the paper will limit


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