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Why Capital Punishment should be abolished in USA


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Why Capital Punishment should be abolished in USA

Why Capital Punishment should be abolished in USA

-topic: for this research I need to find a specific topic related to the topic of Capital Punishment/ Death Penalty in the United States (ethic, races,religion,...) -briefly define capital punishment in the states. maybe use some facts and number. -I need to take a stand/make an opinion some where. -sources: 5-6 max. * need at least 1 source from a book and 1 from a journal article. -it would be great to include cases of death penalty. -note: this is an English level 2 class for international student. I`m a college sophomore. -work cited on the sources at the end.
Why Capital Punishment should be abolished in USAName:Course title:Instructor:Institution:Date Due: IntroductionCapital Punishment relates to the infliction of death as a consequence of violating capital laws. It can also be referred to as the death penalty. Until recently, the subject of whether capital punishment should be legalised or illegalised has hotly been debated in the global perspective. The custom of putting lawbreakers to death is not a new phenomenon. It has indeed existed since time immemorial. Different methods that were employed in the past include stoning, crucifixion, hanging, burning and even beheading. While most industrialised countries are advocating for the abolition of capital punishment, a majority of the US states are still practising the trend (Bedau, 1983).When America was established more than two centuries ago, jails were rare. The practice of capital punishment had been introduced by the colonisers, who had transferred it from England and Europe. As I write this paper, two thirds of the nations around the globe have abolished the capital punishment. It is high time for America to follow this trend. This is because it is a fundamentally defective public policy, which is no longer relevant in the present perspective. Justification for Abolishing the Death PenaltyWrong Judgement and ConvictionsSince the 1970s, the Supreme Court freed more than 150 death row victims in USA after their appeal found them innocent. This is a clear indication that the system could be subject to human error. Since the judges are also human beings, the courts could err in their judgment and therefore, make wrong rulings. With a gloomy and chilling sensation, we read in the media, about one Carlos, who was sentenced and executed in USA for a crime he actually did not commit. A Columbian law professor and his team conducted an investigation on the case of Carlos and his analysis revealed that the Texas court had sentenced Carlos De Luna for a crime commi...

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