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Who Are We and Which Profession Do We Belong?


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Who Are We and Which Profession Do We Belong?

Who Are We and Which Profession Do We Belong?

In no more less 500 words and no more than 750 words please answer the questions attached. Please use only credible sources.
WHO ARE WE AND WHICH PROFESSION DO WE BELONG?NameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of Submission How is the nursing profession different than the medical profession?As Mason (2003) writes, nursing and medical care are both geared at increasing patient care. However, while the medical profession seeks to classify humans into various categories of for medical diagnosis then attempt a cure by providing pills, radiation or surgery, nursing as a profession has established itself as an entity that employs a holistic approach that seeks to care for fellow human beings in response to conditions, potential or actual, in a patterned and systematic manner. How is the medical model of care different than the nursing process?Nursing has developed its own terminologies and procedures in the process despite having adopted some medical model`s basic categories as Barnum & Kerfoot (1995) write. In order to aid in setting the tone of care nurses carry out their work on the basis of nursing. Nurses consider a more humanistic approach during care when planning, intervening and appl...

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