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What was your first response to the novel


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What was your first response to the novel

Response to the novel Disgrace


Write a response to the following: What was your first response to the novel "Disgrace"? What are some of the most striking parts of the story, in your opinion? What are a couple of questions that arose for you as you read the novel? Which character do you feel most interested in? Explain your answer.

Response to the Novel Disgrace by J. M. CoetzeeNameInstitutionResponse to the Novel Disgrace by J. M. CoetzeeAfter reading the novel Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee, my first reaction was feeling unsatisfied in the way the author develops the main character, David Lurie. In typical western novels, the hero is well developed and portrayed to possess strong and desirable traits. The hero stands up for something, and overcomes many adversaries to achieve their ambitions. When they fail to achieve their mission, it is because they are fighting against stronger forces. In this regard, it is unusual for a novel that the author has as the hero, an ordinary character who fails to make significant impact.Heroes are usually individuals w...

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