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What is the duration of memory in sensory store?


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What is the duration of memory in sensory store?

ASSIGNMENT BRIEF ( 250 words )


What is the duration of memory in each of the stores ?
Sensory store up to -------?
Short term up to --------?
Long Term up to --------?
What is the capacity of each of the stores 
Sensory Store -----
Short Term -------
Long Term ------

Encoding is the process ----
Storage is the process ----
Retrieval is the process ----

Explain how information is ‘lost’ from each of the memory stores 
Sensory store - 
Short term 
Long term

Explain how information received as external stimuli arrives in the Long Term Memory (LTM) . Make sure you include the processes involved in each stage .

Evaluate how Rhyme and Mind Maps can be used to improve the recall of patients during medical consultations.

Supply a minimum of three references and not more than 5 ( Harvard Style )

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