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What challenges face the rise of Africa in the 21st century?


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What challenges face the rise of Africa in the 21st century?

What challenges face the rise of Africa in the 21st century?

The essay should:

  1. Emphasise analysis rather than descriptive narrative;
  2. Clearly establish their aims in the introduction;
  3. Sustain a coherent argument based on evidence;
  4. Draw attention, where appropriate, to disputes between different analysts;
  5. Show evidence of broad reading and understanding of the resources used;
  6. End with a conclusion that brings key points together. 

            (g)  Include a full bibliography and complete references and/or footnotes/endnotes 

You are expected to use journal articles and appropriate websites in addition to books in your research. You are also encouraged to use primary source documentation such as policy statements or international treaty texts. Appropriate websites are those owned by reputable governmental or non-governmental organisations; use these for data and opinion as you would any other source: do not cut and paste material from websites and do not use them for opinion. All sources must be fully credited in the references of your essay using footnotes and a bibliography.

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