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What are the tenets of organizational culture?


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What are the tenets of organizational culture?

Leadership Influence: The Tenets of Organizational Culture


Discussion 3 
What are the tenets of organizational culture? 
How are these realized in your current organization or past experience?
Is organizational culture influenced by those with leadership influence?
Reading & Resources 
• Read Marshall (2011) Section Three
• Read Crowell (2011) Unit Three
• Review the Leadership Setting the Example Practice Experiences form to familiarize yourself with potential experiences that will be acceptable for this course.


Organizational Culture Name Institution Organizational Culture Organizational culture denotes the values and behaviors that form part of a unique social, as well as psychological environment of any organization. It is the collective beliefs, norms, values and even principles of the members of the organization that are based on factors such as history, product line, market, type


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