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What are My Writing Strengths


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What are My Writing Strengths

What are My Writing Strengths


This is chapter 8 and 9 that I had done earlier but I missed these questions that I now have to answer. Please answer all questions from the readings


Chapter 8 and 9 Thoughts to Ponder Chapter 8 1. What are my writing strengths? What areas can I work on now? I have discovered that I am really good at expressing what I feel through writing, as well as recording what others say. Some areas I work on now is note-taking because I still find it difficult to balance between listening and showing empathy to the patient`s concern while at the same time recording what they have to say. Also, I feel I need to learn to extract the most important parts that I need to take note of so I don`t end up with pages upon pages of scribbles. 2. How do I feel about process recordings? How can I make it easier for myself to remember the conversation I will use in a process recording? Truth


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