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What are General Mills’ corporate-level strategies?


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What are General Mills’ corporate-level strategies?

MGT599 MOD3 Week 1: General Mills Strategic Choices


Strategic Choices Discussion Topic Actions for `Strategic Choices` Using the framework discussed in the background readings, critically analyze General Mills’ strategic choices at the Corporate level (remember that “corporate” level is the very highest level of the organization, with lower levels being the “functional” and the “business” levels). WEEK 1: What are General Mills’ corporate-level strategies? What generic Porter strategy does the company follow? Are General Mills’ strategic choices aligned with the Porter generic strategy you believe the company follows?


MGT599_MOD3_DISCUSSION_WEEK 1 Name: Institutional Affiliation: MGT599_MOD3_DISCUSSION_WEEK 1 General Mills Corporate Strategy General Mills has developed a long standing commitment that provides the organization a conceptual framework that governs the manner in which the company`s management can apply managerial skills in managerial operations (Akan, et.al.2006). The organization has been in a position to apply the generic Porter strategy that incorporates the differentiation approach i


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