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Westjet Strategic Analysis


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Westjet Strategic Analysis

Westjet Strategic Analysis

There is a sample paper that you have on RIM (Reseach in motion) on your webpage. I need pretty much the exact thing done on Westjet. I was very impressed with my first order and therefore have decieded to continue to use your service over the competitors. This has to have max 20% in text citition, with min 15 sources and APA format. Regards Joel
A strategic Analysis of WestJet Airline Company Student Name: Institution: A strategic Analysis of WestJet Airline Company Business description WestJet Airlines Limited is a Canadian airline company that provides low cost, quality air travel to both local and overseas destinations. The company`s head office is located at 22 Aerial place NE, in Calgary, Alberta. According to the company website, WestJet currently offers flights to 70 destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The company is the second largest airline in Canada and currently owns 91 Boeing 737 aircraft. Additionally, WestJet airlines Ltd has more than of eight thousand employees under its payroll. Company History WestJet was established by four Canadian entrepreneurs; Clive Beddoe, Donald Bell, Tim Morgan and Mark Hill on 29 February 1996 in the city of Calgary, located in the province of Alberta in western Canada. The negative consequences of the Gulf war and an economic downturn in the early 1990s had gravely affected the airline industry due to prohibitive fuel prices and low passenger rates. Clive Beddoe conceived the idea of starting an airline that offered low-cost, high quality services in air travel across the western region of Canada, structuring their business model in a similar fashion to the US airlines Morris Air and Southwestern Airlines that had managed to weather the tough industry conditions...

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