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Week 10 Assignment: Psychology Annotated Bibligraphy


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Week 10 Assignment: Psychology Annotated Bibligraphy

Week 10 Assignment: Psychology Annotated Bibligraphy


Week 10 Assignment Instructions
Assignment: Annotated Bibliography
Submit: Annotated Bibliography
This week, you will submit the annotated bibliography introduced in Week 3. (PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENT AND LOOK FOR "PSYCHOLOGY" with last name beginning with "H". ANY ONE OF THE ARTICLES FROM WEEK 3-8 MAY BE UTILIZED.
An annotated bibliography is a document containing selected sources accompanied by a respective annotation. Each annotation consists of a summary, analysis, and application for the purpose of conveying the relevance and value of the selected source. As such, annotations demonstrate a writer’s critical thinking about and authority on the topic represented in the sources.
In preparation for your own future research, an annotated bibliography provides a background for understanding a portion of the existing literature on a particular topic. It is also a useful precursor for gathering sources in preparation for writing a subsequent literature review.
By Day 7
• Locate six articles on a research topic of your interest—two quantitative research articles, two qualitative research articles, and two mixed methods research articles—published in peer-reviewed journals.
• Prepare an annotated bibliography that includes the following: 
o A one-paragraph introduction that provides context for why you selected the research articles you did.
o A reference list entry in APA Style for each of the six articles that follows proper formatting. Follow each reference list entry with a three-paragraph annotation that includes: 
A summary
An analysis
An application as illustrated in this example
o A one-paragraph conclusion that presents a synthesis of the six articles.
• Format your annotated bibliography in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced. A separate References list page is not needed for this assignment.
Submit your Annotated Bibliography.


Annotated Bibliography Name: Instructor: Date: Annotated Bibliography In psychology, aspects of life and development are useful for analysis to bring out different conclusions about life. Results tell of what is in mind and what we do.The qualitative, quantitative and a mixture of these two studies bring different results. Works by various scholars listed here will help in the study. The scholars can be trusted to explain the concepts in detail and fashion worthy of this research. Bibliographies Stedman-Smith, M., DuBois, C. L., & Grey, S. F. (2015). Hand hygiene performance and beliefs among public university employees. Journal of Health Psychology, 20(10), 1263–1274. The article qualitatively analyses what the human mind has recorded as clean and unclean. It is the interest of people in their working pla


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