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Web Services and Business Process Management


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Web Services and Business Process Management

Web Services and Business Process Management

The introduction should contain the definition of web service and system integration with long definition and some general information on that Summary for each journal that attached. which means 3 summary( some little about each article) finally, 2 gaps explained maximum on 2 sentence for each. first gap, talk about the cost of the integrated system. the second gap, talk on that the Commerce system doesn`t fit among any company and the company or the organization should fit themselves among that systems. or you can write better gap you might found it on the articles
Web Services and Business Process ManagementToday`s businesses face a monumental challenge when applying systems integration in their operations. As a result, organizations have to contend with unreliable customer support, unrelenting competition and long cycle times. With the current standards of integration, organizations find it difficult to adapt to changes, mainly due to poor communication among the various software. This means organizations are unable to change with the market trends. System integration presents problems to engineers who have to deal with interface disparities, changes in software application, connections and so on. To make system integration successful, resiliency of the system is paramount. An upcoming solution referred to as Web Services Technology, brings the much-needed resiliency. (Umupathy & Purao, 2010) Web services technology is one of several service-oriented architectures used by organizations to overcome system integration challenges. It is a platform through which applications are repackaged for universal accessibility through applications and interfaces. (Umupathy & Purao, 2010)Researchers have suggested web services technology applications in different sectors, for example in gear enterprise manufacture. Networked manufacturing is already i...

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