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Was the war in Afghanistan a


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Was the war in Afghanistan a

The war in Afghanistan a was not a `Just War`

So hi, This is 6th discussion board i want you guys to read and write. I`m Going to upload the PDF`s You need to read and based on whatever you read, I want you to cite the pages , By ONLY just referring the the page number- (P.363) for example. Just like the old discussions. You don`t need to be TOO MUCH formal. Just remember this is canadian university, so have a good discussion, and Refer to CHAPTER 14 For sure that i upload. The question is: Was the war in Afghanistan a "just war"? Relate your answer to concepts from this week`s readings.
The war in Afghanistan a was not a "just war"Durant, & Durant, (p.2) assert that war is a historical occurrence and that democracy has not resulted to less war. There are indeed many causes of war that include, acquisitiveness, desire for basic needs and resources, competition among individuals, pugnacity, and pride. In my view the war in Afghanistan was not just a war; the US invaded the country with claims of fighting the terror group Al-Qaida. The US made the adv...

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