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Profiling Walmart-The argument and organizaton of the essay is guided by a well thought-out thesis and supported throughout by research found in academic publication. Analyze and critique Walmart by focusing on one or a couple of interrelated topics:diversity,emotional intelligence,effective team management,communication,trust,organizational aligment,etc..please do not focus on Sam Walton I had the APA paper for him for the class,just focus on organization and company.Please avoid entries from Wikipedia.
Wal-Mart[Student`s name][Institutional affiliation]Wal-MartIntroduction Wal-Mart may be regarded as a multinational retailing firm in America which operates chains concerning large discount warehouse stores and department stores (Dosi, 2007, p.389). This company is among the world`s greatest public corporation. It has been identified as the greatest private employer internationally, having an estimate of two million workers. The operations of Wal-Mart have experienced desirable success due to adoption of efficient team management and also communication methods which favor its progress. The various aspects concerning efficient team management as well as communication within the Wal-Mart company may be analyzed in various ways. Efficient team management and the communication aspect within the organization are interrelated because it is only through appropriate communication ways that the management team is able to accomplish effectual team management undertakings (Brotspies, 2010, p.1). This is because through communication, the management has the capacity to pass on important information bits concerning expected levels with regard to performance, past operations outcomes, new objectives, discouraged behaviors and other aspects which influence organizational operations. It is therefore apparent that these aspects have served as strengths in the company because it is through them that desirable outcomes have been augmented. Wal-Mart has strived towards the realization of a multi-tiered plan of communication so that further improvements may be realized. In accordance with the company information, this communication plan was set up due to various reasons. For instance, it was aimed at trimming down turnover and also remain ahead of the trends and demands held by customers (Jones, 2005, p.340). It also aimed at reacting towards the enormous criticisms which had been placed upon the company. In accordance with the plan regarding communication, three hundred managers are allowed to work within the field. This is aimed at ensuring that training, hiring, and performance policies as well as practices are correctly implemented. They further augment employee morale by ensuring that business opportunities and objectives for growth are clearly communicated to them. A new strategy regarding human resources has also been implemented for the purpose of tying entire practices of human resources into business strategies. This integration facilitates employees` movement towards similar company direction (Horwitz, 2009, p.1). This has highly been supported through team management and has brought about desirable outcomes` attainment. Movement towards similar direction within the company signifies direction of collective efforts towards company goals attainment. Within Wal-Mart Company, there is the availability of ethic hotline through which arising issues are reported by employees. The issues are handled appropriately so that the management may prevent associated ...

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