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Visual and Performing Arts


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Visual and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts

Please read the material that I attach below for my paper. Read and do the most important bullet points summary. DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES. Thanks!
TEACHER RESOURCES FOR VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTSName:Institution:TEACHER RESOURCES FOR VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTSThe teacher resources or materials for the visual and the performing arts can be classified into four categories namely: visual art, drama, music and dance. The following therefore are the resources that teachers can use in their classes and where they can access them.Visual artsArt junction is one of the visual arts resources that is an online space for sharing ideas and experiences in art and can be accessed from www.artjunction.org.Cambodian contemporary arts, www.providence.edu, this web site features profiles, pictures and examples of crafts done by the Cambodian artists.Metropolitan museum of art is another website f...

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