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US Convict Leasing 1875 and 1928


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US Convict Leasing 1875 and 1928

US Convict Leasing 1875 and 1928

US Convict Leasing 1875 and 1928NameInstitutionMany people believe that slavery was brought to an end by the 13th amendment, but this is far from the truth. There is continuation of slavery in the southern states of America, though in form of punishment for various crimes.            Herbert Hoover brought to an end the convict leasing in July. 1st1928, which began in Alabama in 1846. In 1883, Alabamans` budget, about 10% of the total revenue, was resulting from convict leasing. By 1898, the margin was increasing and about 73% of the total revenue was as a result of the same ...

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