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US Congress Coursework


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US Congress Coursework

US Congress Coursework


Maisel and Brewer Parties and Elections in America: The Electoral Process, sixth edition, 2012 Rowman & Littlefield 978-1-4422-0769-1 Franz Choices and Changes: Interest Groups in the Electoral Process, 2008 Temple University Press 978-1-59213-673-5 Use these 2 above books as references as well as other references as needed 1. Who votes and who does not vote? What distinguishes voters from non-voters? 2. Please examine the CNN 2012 presidential election exit poll: http://www.cnn.com/election/2012/results/race/president#exit-polls How do the following demographic factors affect voting behavior? a. race b. age c. income d. gender e. marital status f. geography g. education h. religion post a response of at least 300 words Chicago style

US CONGRESSNameCourseSubmission Date Electoral processes in the US are usually hotly contested and determine who will take the reins of power. Election outcomes are normally determined by the voter turnout, which is always less than the number of registered voters and voting patterns. Several factors help influence the aforementioned. Some of these factors will be analyzed accordingly in order to shed light on the subject. The first factor is race. Indeed, race is a sensitive matter in the US. This is evident since different races support candidates whom they feel takes into account their racial interests. With a diverse population of Whites, Blacks, Latinos among other races, then racial interests always come into play.Age is...

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