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Unit 6


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Unit 6

Unit 6

Identify and label a minimum of two (2) implications and a minimum of two (2) limitations for the proposed study. At a minimum, answer the following questions:  What implications and assumptions are being made regarding the proposed sample and how it represents the proposed population?  What assumptions are you making regarding the instrument`s validity and its ability to measure the desired variables?  What assumptions are being made in having respondents truthfully answer a survey, questionnaire, or interview questions?  Identify the limitations of the research proposal, such as the limited population for the study. *****please see both attachments***********
Assumptions and Limitations Name: Institution of Affiliation: Assumptions and Limitations Assumptions The study assumes that the findings obtained from the samples selected from the three cities can be generalized to represent the entire population of the United States of America. In reality, these cities are inhabited by members from the middle and upper class of the economic strata, who portray a significant variation o...

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