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Unit 304 Develop a presentation


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Unit 304 Develop a presentation

Unit 304 Develop a presentation

Learning outcome

The learner will:

1. Understand how to develop a presentation.

1.1 explain best practice in developing presentations

1.2 explain who needs to be consulted on the development of a presentation

1.3 explain the factors to be taken into account in developing a presentation

1.4 analyse the advantages and limitations of different communication media

Learning outcome

The learner will:

2. Be able to develop a presentation.

2.1 identify the: a. purpose b. content c. style d. timing e. audience for a presentation

2.2 select a communication media that is appropriate to the: a. nature of a presentation b. message c. audience

2.3 tailor a presentation to fit the timescale and audience’s needs

2.4 prepare a presentation that is: a. logically structured b. summarises the content c. addresses the brief

2.5 take action to ensure that a presentation adheres to organisational guidelines and policies

2.6 develop materials that support the content of a presentation. 

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