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Understanding Chocolate


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Understanding Chocolate

Understanding Chocolate

written report 2 pages in length(typed,doubled spaced, 12pt and margin 1 inch all around. use 3 references. the paper should answer these questions - should inculde history of chocolate - how does chocolate fit into the ongoing development of the culinary field - culture importance of chocolate - varieties,types, and uses of chocolate -cultivation/processing involved with bringing this product to the customers
Understanding Chocolate Students Name: School Name:Understanding Chocolate Chocolate frenzy has swept the world like a tsunami. Its ability to appease the palate surpasses most, if not all foods. There is chocolate in candy, chocolate in main dishes, chocolate in desserts and chocolate in the science of love. It was blessed with the ability of drying tears without necessarily wiping them with a piece of cloth. It has the ability to create and retain smiles in harsh times. It blesses the soul and shines it with radiance comparable to the sun`s brilliance. History of Chocolates The first documented use of chocolate can be traced back to 1100 BC. Amongst the Mesoamerican people who included it in beverage making. The Aztecs too used it to make a beverage called xocolatl. Chocolate is processed food from the seeds of the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. It has been gown in Mexico, South America, and Central America for the past three millennia. However, Ghana in Africa remains the largest cocoa producer in the world. Chocolate and the Culinary Field Chocolate, as mentioned earlier, has and is playing a vital role in the culinary field. Because of its taste, it is useful in creation of countless recipes. It is almost compatible with any type of recipe in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Its health benefits are also immense. For instance, studies have shown that chocolate can help improve blood vessel responsiveness. Furthermore, it helps increase glucose tolerance (helps individuals using low-carb diets reduce blood sugar spikes). Moreover, it cont...

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