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UK VS. US Health Care Systems


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UK VS. US Health Care Systems

UK VS. US Health Care Systems


BHS 450 Health care Delivery System Module 2 - Case STANDARDS OF EVALUATION Assignment Overview There are many health care delivery systems used as a comparison for the system in the United States. Now that we have a better understanding of the standards of evaluation, let us apply those standards in comparing and contrasting two different systems. Case Assignment Write a paper comparing and contrasting our system of health care delivery to that of our neighbor across the pond (England). Be sure to discuss all four standards: Access Cost Quality Continuity Assignment Expectations Please be sure to cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper (at least 3 references). The length of your paper should be 2-3 pages typed and double-spaced. Please prepare your work using appropriate format. You will be expected to provide a scholarly basis for your response. Your opinions must be justified with evidence from the literature. References should be cited properly in the text of your essay, as well as at the end. Several scholarly references should be cited for this assignment. Your paper will be further evaluated based on the rubric criteria.

CASE STUDY: UK VS. US Health Care SystemsAuthor:Course:Date: Access Studies indicate that the United Kingdom’s health care system spends $155 billion on 50 million people while the United States’ public private health system spends $1.1 trillion on 80 million people (Rothgang et al., 2010). Out of 300 million Americans, an additional $1.1 trillion is spent publicly on the remaining 220 million people (Rothgang et al., 2010). While numbers indicate that the US spends more money on healthcare, 30 million Americans are uninsured while the UK healthcare system provides quality health care for its entire population on a significantly lower expenditure. Therefore, the UK’s health care system offers better access since no one is left out regardless of variables which affect access in the US such as employment status and income level. Cost A closer ...

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