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Trends influencing the future of training


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Trends influencing the future of training

Trends influencing the future of training


Research Paper Throughout this course and unit, several trends were discussed that may influence the future of training. Pick one or two of these trends, or come up with a trend not mentioned in this course that you think will influence training. Using two library resources and two internet resources, write a three to five page paper summarizing this trend, and how you see the trend specifically influencing training and development. Using Microsoft Word, create your paper, and cite any sources used according to APA format.

NameInstitutionCourseProfessorDateTrends influencing the future of trainingThere are so many transformations taking place in economies around the world. The way we communicate and filter information is changing now than ever before. Transformations are also taking place in the way people learn, interpret information, or react to it; as individuals, employees or the community in general. Learning, as an art of gathering information, processing and further reacting, takes many forms. There are many trends shaping the future of training and developing. This paper focuses on Globalization as a trend and its role in shaping the future of training and development. The corporate training market is a dynamic one that requires stakeholders to stay in line with innovations, technologies, and best practices to remain relevant and competitive. Companies are trying all means within their network to reach and extend their operations overseas. It is for this reason that the nature of employee training and development is changing shape. Globalization and overseas outsourcing is affecting training and development priorities for many companies and entities. To ensure companies keep up with the global competition and secure market share, employees and all staff in...

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