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Training Manual and the Training process


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Training Manual and the Training process

Training Manual and the Training process


The making of a training manual is serious stuff, because a poorly done manual can be the cause of injury (or food poisoning in this case!). But the topic doesn`t have to be. Make sure you include safety instructions and add in all food knowledge that you have or can find. All information should be fit the policy in BC Canada.

Training Manual and the Training processNameUniversityDateTraining manual for making deviled eggsRecipeIngredients Step Procedure 6 eggs 1 1 Hard boil eggs. 2 Cool immediately in running cold water 3 Peel eggs 4 Slice eggs lengthwise 5 Slip yolks out into small bowl 6 Mash yolks  2ml salt2ml dry mustard1 ml black pepper45 ml Whipped Salad Dressing 2. 1. Add seasonings and salad dressing to mashed yolks.2. Mix well 3. 1. With small spoon, place yolk mixture in the whites, heaping slightly2. Place on serving platter. Garnish with sprig fresh parsley Preparation:Important Steps Key Points 1.Gather all ingredients: * Eggs * Salt * Dry mustard  * Black pepper * Whipped salad dressing *  Medium sized pot ¯ The eggs need to be large enough in size ¯ Measuring cups are usually glass and must not be dropped. ¯ Mayonnaise can be used in the place of whipped salad. ¯ The recipe is in metric; therefore metric measure must be used carefully. ¯ The pot must be big enough to boil all the eggs with ease. * 2ml dry measure * 1ml dry measure * 45ml dry measure 5. Stove does get hot.  Safety procedures must be followed.  No children to be standing on chairs assisting and all handles must be turned to the inside of the cooking surface (not hanging over) ProcessImportant Steps Key Points 1.  The person completing the process and area should be safe 1.  H...

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