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Training and development needs


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Training and development needs

Training and development needs

Interview a work colleague or fellow student and identify their training and development needs ( use Emirates Airline as a company example). You must plan and deliver the assessment of the development of an individual. Ask the interviewee to evaluate their own performance and if possible ask them to share their last appraisal records with you. Prepare documentation or use the template provided to record your assessment of their work and development needs and include the following in your assessment: • Preferred learning style and processes • Nature of individual learning and lifelong learning plans • Preferred communication style and technique • Preferred delegation techniques and processes • Preferred supervision style • Employee understanding of working culture and practices • Employee understanding of regulations and codes of practice • Employee awareness of diversity issues
Training and development needsStudent:Professor:Course name:Date:Training and development needs A competent staff underpins the success of any company, and it is essential that an organization`s workforce possess the skills, competencies and knowledge that are required for optimum performance. Thus, it is imperative to recognize the training, development as well as the learning needs that are essential to equip the workforce with the appropriate capabilities needed to contribute to organization success and progress their careers. With regard to the individual, the preferred learning style and process is verbal or auditory learning. This is chiefly because my colleague is an auditory learner and prefers to hear the instruction or message being given. With regard to the nature of individual learning and lifelong learning plans, the individual prefers to have someone talking them through a learning process, rather than having to read about it first. The colleague remembers verbal instructions exceptionally well and prefers another person reading the directions to him while he does the physical task. The preferred communication style and technique is verbal style that generally includes speaking. The individual has preferred delegation techniques and processes involve the following crucial steps. First is defining the task and determining whether it is suitable and appropriate to be delegated or not. The second step involves selecting the team or individual, and outlining clear reasons ...

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