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Traditionally Marginalized Group in America


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Traditionally Marginalized Group in America

Traditionally Marginalized Group in America

Pick a traditionally marginalized group in America. Conduct research using academically approved sources in order to describe and explain these groups` experiences of social class. Research is to include at least two sources in addition to the required reading (more are better). Sources such as Wikipedia, USA Today, Fox or MSNBC news will not be accepted. Look at educational achievement, income, health statistics, family dynamics and economic security. The final product is to be a 3-4 page paper, properly cited and formatted, or about 1,000 words. You are to use APA citation format including a formal Works Cited page.
Traditionally Marginalized Group in America Student name University name Introduction The United States, being a nation with a diverse population in collective and personal identities, is capable of bringing a multitude involving m0ral predicaments and concerns. The psychological and social impact that occurs on people due to marginalization has a profound disruptive effect on the intra and inter-group harmony. A marginalized group tries to achieve acceptance by the dominant community; consequently, conflict arises. Conflict also arises when these marginalized groups challenge and protest the domination. The social issues including poverty and crime within the marginalized minority population, where whites are the spectators are greatly debated by the involved groups. Internal dispositions are attributed by the problems that occur within the minority community (Liao, 2001, para. 1). Marginalized Asian Americans are a part of the American law. A seminar was conducted to challenge the white-black paradigm contributing to race relations. It also focused on the legal cases and various other aspects in the legal system pertaining to the Asian Americans. The American law has had a profound impact on shaping the demographics, possibilities and experiences of the Asian Americans. On the contrary, these marginalized population experienced tremendous impact on shaping the American legislative...

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