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To whom is St. Augustine`s CONFESSIONS addressed?


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To whom is St. Augustine`s CONFESSIONS addressed?

Confession by St. Augustine


This is an excerpt of the longer work by St. Augustine. This work is a cornerstone of Catholic theology and Catholic thought. 1. To whom is St. Augustine`s CONFESSIONS addressed? 2. Why and how does he write CONFESSIONS? 3. At what point in his life does he write CONFESSIONS, and what are some key events that lead to his writing it? 4. What were Augustine`s childhood and adolescence like? 5. Would Augustine as a young man have been worthy of the sainthood he later earned> Why or why not? 6. According to St. Augustine, can you always repent, reform, and become closer to God, no matter what point in your life or what you may have done (or not0 in the past? How does he express this? 7. Pick out one or two especially racy examples and discuss how it feels to read about the sexual sins of a future saint. Surprising


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