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To what extent are electronic cars sustainable.


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To what extent are electronic cars sustainable.

To what extent are electronic cars sustainable.

• Introduction providing an overview of the topic and the report (approx. 150-175 words)
o Explain the political context – what recent policy debates have there been on the subject? 
o Define key terms e.g. food waste, electric car, deposit-return scheme.
o State briefly the structure of article.
• Main body (approx. 700-750 words)
o Set out your answer to the question, with a paragraph for each of the key points you make. 
o Compare and contrast different views on the topic.
o Draw on ideas and debates about concepts such as sustainability and technocentrism in your answer.
o Where relevant draw on debates of the relative advantages and disadvantages of different policy instruments
o Draw on the views of different actors about the topic (e.g. government, business, consumers, environmental pressure groups)
• Summary/conclusion bringing together the key issues from the article and provide an answer to the question (approx. 150-175 words)

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