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To understand business budgeting

To understand business budgeting

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand business budgeting. You are asked to explain the uses of a budget and how to manage it and present a clear report.  

4.1 Explain the uses of a budget (RPT23)
4.2 Explain how to manage a budget


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  • Title: To understand business budgeting
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Sean Zhang

My writer did a small error in my work but it was fixed by him shortly. The work is admirable and I have submitted it. Now hoping for the best results. I would inform you soon.

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My order went 3 hours late and I also went mad. Then the customer support team calmed me down and offered me a flat discount of 50%. However, I did get my order and chilled out as the work was exactly what I requested. Next time I would place my order a bit sooner to save any trouble.

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