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The yellow wallpaper


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The yellow wallpaper

The yellow wallpaper

Hi writer this is course work that i will upload.so you can see all my teacher instruction on this file.so just need to answer those question.Let me know if you get any difficulty.
The Yellow Wallpaper: Analysis Student: Professor: Course title: Date: The story in the Yellow Wall paper is narrated by a woman whose husband, a physician has confined her on the upstairs of a room they rented for summer. The husband forbids the woman from working so that she could be healed from what he considers a “temporary nervous depression” of which she depicts a  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_hysteria" o "Female hysteria" hysterical tendency (Edelstein, 2010, 1). This narration portrays the effect of confinement on the narrator`s psychological health and her fall into psychosis. The author employs the aspect of a character in the narration. The narrator`s husband however, does not actually see the seriousness of her deteriorating health. This is more of depicted when the narrator points out tha...

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